Canadian Projects


Soderglen Wind Project

Owner GW Power Corporation and Nexen Inc.
Project New Wind Energy Project in Southern Alberta
Location 25 km South of Fort Macleod, AB
Size 70.5 MW, $114 Million
Turbines 47 GE 1.5 MW, 65m hub height
Role Project Management, Regulatory Approval Support, Engineering and Construction Supervision/Inspection

The project involves the installation of 47 GE 1.5sle turbines on five sections of land primarily owned by Soderglen Ranches. The wind turbines are arranged in seven different arrays which are connected through underground and overhead powerlines to a project substation that supplies 70.5 MW of power to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System. Provision is made to expand the project to 120 MW by adding 33 future wind turbines. The project was constructed on schedule and under budget.

Key Features:

  • GE – 1.5sle turbines with 65m hub height.
  • 1750 kVA transformer for every turbine.
  • Rotor (hub + 3 blades) diameter of 77m.
  • Turbine layout and substation designed for future expansion.
  • 12.5 km of access and site roads.
  • Patrick & Henderson cylindrical foundations.
  • 23 km of 25 kV underground and overhead power & communication lines.
  • 138 kV electrical substation and 11.5 km of 138 kV power lines to interconnection point.
  • Project commenced August 2004, constructed in 12 months, COD September 2006.