Canadian Projects


Wasdell Falls hydro project

Owner Wasdell Falls LP
Project New Hydro Facility
Location 6 km North of Washago, ON
Size 1350 kW
Role Project Management, Engineering

The Wasdell Hydro Project is situated on the Severn River approximately 6 km North of Washago, ON, at the site of the existing Wasdell Falls Dam and of an old, now partly demolished, hydroelectric plant. The Wasdell Falls Dam is a 7 m high by 43 m long concrete gravity dam constructed in 1913 and 1914 simultaneously with the original hydroelectric plant, which was decommissioned in 1954. Only the concrete foundation remains as part of the water retaining structure of the dam.

The Project components consist of a new approach channel leading to a new structure in which three (3) VLH Turbines are installed. The new structure is located beside the existing Wasdell Falls Dam and old powerhouse foundation. A small control building housing the control, auxiliary, and electrical equipment is located on the west side of the new structure.

Today’s Wasdell Falls VLH Hydro Plant represents another first in waterpower for both Canada and North America. It deploys the Very Low Head (VLH) Turbine for Wasdell Falls Power Corporation that includes adaptation of the technology by Canadian Projects Limited specifically for North American application.

Key features include:

  • First Very Low Head installation in North America
  • Significant technical innovation required for cold climates. A NRCan Cold Climate Adaptation Package was developed to adapt the VLH turbine to ice-covered river conditions including a new turbine extraction system
  • The VLH has unprecedented ‘fish-friendly’ passage characteristics with proven results approaching 100%