Canadian Projects


Melancthon Phase 1 Wind Project

Owner Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.
Project New Wind Energy Project in Ontario
Location 25 km Northwest of Orangeville Ontario
Size 67.5 MW, $123.5 million
Turbines 45 GE 1.5 MW, 80m hub height
Role Project Management, Engineering and Construction Supervision/Inspection

The project involved the supply and installation of 45 GE 1.5 MW SLE turbines. The site is located in a farming community northwest of Toronto and involved over 25 different landowners. Location of turbines and the layout of access roads were critical in order to address landowner issues.

Construction work began in June 2005 and the project was operational by March 2006, two months ahead of schedule. Under the construction management approach, over 40% of construction work was performed utilizing local area contractors.

Key features include:

  • GE – 1.5 SLE turbines with 80m hub height
  • Rotor/Blade diameter of 77m
  • Project designed for future expansion to 200 MW
  • 24 km of access and site roads
  • 15 and 17 metre octagonal raft foundations
  • 42 km of 34.5 kV underground and overhead power & communication lines
  • New 230 kV substation for grid interconnection to Hydro One
  • Project commenced August 2004, constructed in ten months, COD May 2006