Canadian Projects


Priddis Greens Drainage Works

Owner Priddis Greens Golf CC
Project Priddis Greens Master Drainage Plan
Location Priddis, Alberta

Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club, located in Priddis, Alberta, is one of Alberta’s premier golf courses. It combines both the Raven and Hawk courses and has been updating and improving its facilities for the past twenty years. In an effort to maintain the value to their members, Priddis GCC commissioned CPL to undertake the creation of a Mater Drainage Plan. This plan is to help the staff of Priddis GGCC understand surface water drainage patterns, and help them address any problems they are currently experiencing, or can expect to experience as a result of large storm events.

By doing a watershed analysis and using culvert modelling software, Canadian Projects studied the flow through each piece of existing infrastructure on the course to make sure it was sized for proper flow capacity. This data was used to develop a plan which identified problem areas and to help upgrade the course so that play is unaffected and maintenance and repair is minimized after storm events.

Previous work was done by CPL for Priddis GGCC in the fall of 2011. A similar analysis was conducted on a drainage route on the East side of the course that regularly experiences flooding and erosion. Culverts were upgraded to handle the expected flows from our analysis and creek banks were modified to handle the new capacity. In June of 2012, more than 2.5″ of rain fell on the course overnight putting the analysis and modifications to the test. The golf course was able to remain open as result of the work performed by CPL, adding value for both the club and its members.