Canadian Projects


Upper Mamquam hydro project

Owner Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc.
Project New Hydroelectric Plant
Location Near Squamish, BC
Capacity 25 MW
Head and Flow 120 metres & 27 m3/s

The Upper Mamquam Hydro Plant diverts water from the Mamaquam River into a 1600 m long conveyance system consisting of a 2.7 m diameter steel low pressure penstock, a 150 metre long tunnel, and 2.4 m diameter high pressure penstock down to the powerhouse. The powerhouse, located at the end of the river canyon to avoid fish habitat impact, houses two horizontal axis double Francis turbine generator units and a full capacity Howell-Bunger bypass valve. Power produced at 69 kV is transmitted 7.8 km to connect to the BCTC grid in Squamish.

Key Features:

  • Headworks are constructed in an old river side channel requiring 35,000 m3 of rock excavation.
  • A 20 m high surge tank located at the transition between the low and high pressure penstocks.
  • Unique design, construction and plant operation procedures implemented to accommodate existing downstream hydro plant.
  • Constructed in 20 months.