Canadian Projects


Proven methods

Our focus and knowledge on renewable energy, has allowed us to develop and prove out our advanced methods and techniques specific to the renewable energy sector. These techniques allow our clients to have more comprehensive assessments and evaluations done at lower cost and earlier in the project cycle. This allows us to determine project viability and provide time saving strategies to bring projects to commissioning faster using tools that provide more accurate assessment of project cost and economics. Some of these methods and techniques are:

  • High value and accurate site data acquisition
  • Massive data processing and analysis design tools
  • Proprietary integrated hydrology, hydraulics, energy, costing and economics model
  • Technical design calculation automation with integrated critical value checking and optimization options
  • Complete project document suite – from technical and performance specs, to contract administration and project status reporting systems
  • Custom project cost accounting and forecasting system
  • Major components designs with proven low cost and high performance
  • Real-world tested commissioning and operation’s plans