Canadian Projects


Bighorn dam Safety Review

Owner TransAlta Corporation
Project Five Year Dam Safety Review
Location Lake Abraham, Alberta
Constructed 1972
Max Height 94 m

The Bighorn Hydroelectric development is one of TransAlta’s key assets in its array of power generation facilities in the province of Alberta. The development is located on the North Saskatchewan River, approximately 32 km southwest of Nordegg on the eastern flanks of the Rocky Mountains. It consists of two units with a total generating capacity of 120 MW under an operating head of 91 m (300 ft). The reservoir impounded by the Bighorn development is Lake Abraham. The Bighorn development was commissioned in 1972 and includes the following water retaining structures:

  • main dam
  • north containing dam
  • service spillway
  • fuse plug
  • south low saddle dyke

Other structures at the Bighorn development included in the review were:

  • north arm dyke
  • power and diversion tunnels and the gate shaft
  • intake tower
  • powerhouse