Canadian Projects


Kananaskis log lifter

Owner TransAlta Corporation
Project Hydroelectric Facility Refurbishment
Location Seebe, Alberta
Size 21 MW
First on-stream 1913
Role Engineering Assessment and Design (re-design)

Canadian Projects Limited (CPL) is proud to have supported TransAlta with the refurbishment of a nearly 100-year-old stoplog lifter at the Kananaskis Hydro Plant, including a complete redesign of the motor and controls, electrical system, new log transfer system and safety upgrades. CPL completed a comprehensive assessment, resulting in refurbishment being chosen as a cost-effective solution which aligns with TransAlta’s commitment to global stewardship by reusing a major piece of equipment. The work was carried out as part of TransAlta’s dam safety capital projects program. CPL initiated the refurbishment design by creating a complete 3D model of the log lifter to facilitate the engineering of the modifications and additions, then designing all mechanical and structural modifications and coordinating the associated electrical and controls systems. The success of the Project is also thanks to the excellent work by Pinterco and Dynamo Electric on the electrical and control system detailed design with Seebe and Stratus Electrical and Instrumentation who completed the refurbishment and electrical installation. Thanks to TransAlta for the opportunity to be involved in this Project.